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Corporate Carbon Strategy

What is unique about SINAI?

We provide software solutions to connect and align internal departments at any point in their carbon journey. And we provide the expert support needed along the way.

Carbon Footprint Module

This module transforms waste generation, energy, and fuel consumption data into GHG emissions to build carbon inventories.

Our algorithms also provide several projections that estimate future pathways.

Low Carbon Scenarios Module

This module provides an in-depth financial and environmental analysis of the options available to reduce emissions. It builds automated marginal abatement cost curves, to model net present value opportunities.

Carbon Pricing Design Module

A carbon fee helps drive behavioral change by increasing efficiency and reducing an organization’s costs and carbon footprint.

This module explores a qualified and quantified approach to price carbon across four dimensions to align with the company's business objectives.

Target Setting &

Scenario Analysis Module

Future-proof your company's growth by setting up emissions reduction targets, track what's remaining in your carbon budget, and choose the most cost-beneficial ways to succeed.




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